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Halloween in Southern California

Posted On: 10/01/2019

There is nothing quite like Halloween in Southern California. The weather is pleasant and the holiday festivities are widespread. With a few Halloween activities to choose from and make anyone can feel like a kid again. Here are some of the most popular, all of which are easily accessible:

Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm becomes the Spooky Farm in celebration of Halloween. The Spooky Farm is meant for children between the ages of three and 11. As they make their way through the farm’s Ghost Town they’ll be trick-or-treating the whole time. Each treat bag includes a map so trick-or-treaters and their parents always know where they are going. The festivities also include shows with a Halloween theme. At the Camp Snoopy Theater, a performance is held of “Monsters Are Coming.” This is an interactive show that includes a costume contest for the kids. The park’s log ride, Timber Mountain even gets in on the celebration as part of the Halloween Hootenany.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Halloween activities in Southern California can also include Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. This is an attraction that hosts events such as Dining With The Spirits. A combination dinner party and haunted tour, it is led by a paranormal. They act as a guide and take visitors through the darkest spookiest parts of the Queen Mary.

Paranormal Investigations is another attraction perfect for the Halloween holiday. With its reputation as one of the most haunted ships on Earth, it is the ideal location for ghost hunting. The ship’s resident investigator gives guests access to much of the ship, including parts of it that are otherwise kept private. The goal of the tour is to search for the spirits who live on the ship.

Those that are skeptical as to whether or not it is haunted can go on the Paranormal Ship Walk. This two-hour tour takes guests into rooms and compartments throughout the ship. The walk includes stories of those who have traveled on the boat in the past.

Another way to learn more about the ship’s past inhabitants is to attend the Illusions of the Passed Séance, led by Aiden Sinclair. Guests are taken on a time-traveling adventure to come face to face with those who lived there.

Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights

Perhaps one of the best known Halloween events anywhere in Southern California is Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. This yearly event includes a vast number of haunted mazes for guests to work their way through. Some of the mazes include Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Creep Show and The Curse of Pandora’s Box. In addition, a few of the park’s rides stay open late for Halloween Horror Nights. They include Jurassic World, Revenge of the Mummy, and Transformers.

Getting There

Parking at some of these events may be limited. A great alternative to driving is to book a private car service, which takes guests to and from each attraction. This allows guests to get the most out of their Halloween experiences. Extreme tours offers transportation to Knott’s Berry Farms, Universal Studios, and more.